SHARON VAN ETTEN, We Are Fine (from Tramp, 2012)

Sharon van Etten's new album, Tramp, is just the right amount of evolution balanced out by the consistency of her beautiful sound. I finally got to dig into this album this week and obsession has taken over.

The song that stuck most with me is “We Are Fine” (optimism never hurt anyone!), with Zach Condon of Beirut on backup vocals (!!). For the background story of this (therapeutic) song I’ll turn to a revealing quote from NPR’s "The Record" blog:

"We Are Fine" is her most optimistic song yet. Van Etten struggles with social anxiety and panic attacks, though she’s figured out ways to manage them — one of them is asking a friend to talk to her. As she was working on "We Are Fine" she realized she wanted the song to be closer to the way she experiences an attack, by adding a voice. "We Are Fine" is a duet with Beirut's Zach Condon, who has social anxiety, too.

This whole album is worth a close listen. It is personal and careful, and probably won’t leave you indifferent either emotionally or musically.

Check out tour dates for the most-intimate-show-in-a-big-venue that you will see this season on her website.

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