FIRST AID KIT, Emmylou (from The Lion’s Roar, 2012)

Watch the video here.

This is as close to country folk that I will probably be able to embrace (and I guess that isn’t saying much), which is ironic since First Aid Kit is a Swedish band…Johanna and Klara are two young sisters who have the ability to create beautiful harmonies that sound effortless and timeless (though a lot of country/folk music sounds timeless to me, really).

They had a good deal of success in Europe and Australia with their debut album, The Big Black & The Blue (2010), but have really only gained serious traction in the US with their recent LP, The Lion’s Roar. There are a bunch of solid tracks on this recent album (the title track, for instance) so it’s worth a more comprehensive listen. Emmylou will not leave your brain whether you love or loathe it, so be prepared.

First Aid Kit is touring the US this spring! Check here for dates.

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