TOM VEK, We Do Nothing (from Leisure Seizure, 2011)

On the heels of the excellent article this weekend in the NYT about how we should all get over being (or saying we are-) so busy, this song came to mind. What better counter reaction than singing “we do nothing with our time” for almost four solid minutes?!

Tom Vek is a London-based musician who has kept a pretty consistent deadpan sound that can either make you laugh or drive you mad. I laugh.

He released his second album, Leisure Seizure, last year after a much obsessed over six-year hiatus. His debut album, We Have Sound, was an updated (and much-revered) homage to the Talking Heads with his intentionally flat voice, dominant bass, abrupt tracks, and idiosyncratic nature (you can listen to an example here). From an initial cursory listen to the new album, he’s going forth with that sound. It’s fun. Listen up.

Current tour info can be found here.

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