GRIZZLY BEAR, Sleeping Ute (from forthcoming LP, September 2012)

The Brooklyn band’s third album, Veckatimest (2009), was one of those albums that has been on rotation for years in my ears. I still haven’t tired of it. But…it’s time for some new material. Save for a bunch of shows here and there, Grizzly Bear seemed to drop off. Maybe it felt that way because they were so ubiquitous after the last album came out. But in any case, a ten-track fourth album is on its way and will be released in mid September. Hurray!

A month ago, the band put out the first single from the album, Sleeping Ute. This song is uncharacteristically explosive—dominated by energetic percussion and Daniel Rossen’s sprawling guitar. Only towards the end of the track does it take on the familiar air of one of their earlier quiet and ruminative songs.

Cannot wait for more tracks from this album. And! the! tour!

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