SIGUR ROS, Varut (from Valtari, 2012)

At the end of this week I’ll be taking a road trip up to Montreal for a much anticipated and necessary vacation. The ultimate goal of the trip is to partake in Osheaga, an enormous three-day music festival that showcases an incredible laundry list of bands (many many of which have been featured on the blog over the years!). I’m going to try to post a song every day until I get there of a band that I plan to see.

On the first day, Sigur Ros will be performing! I’ve never seen this odd and eccentric Icelandic band live, but I’ve been following them since their very first album a-many moons ago. Their sound (with its invented language) is delicate but so very expansive. It fills a room completely, so I can only imagine what it’ll sound like outdoors, in nature…

This track here is one off their recent album Valtari. It’s the one that stuck with me after a few listens, but I’ve found that listening to their albums is an evolving experience. Next week, the favorite may be totally different.

Photograph by Anton Brink
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