ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, Applesauce (from Centipede Hz, 2012)

Watch the video here.

Those who know me, have learned that I’ve taken in anything and everything that members of Animal Collective have recorded over the years. So you can imagine my excitement when the band’s new album finally came out a couple of months ago! I purchased it immediately but it’s taken me this long to wrap my mind around it. It’s a lot more rough around the edges, not much to sing along to, and definitely required repeat listens before I was even able to grasp what it is I’m listening to. This may sound negative, but I was up for the challenge. Now, almost two months later, I’m able to identify a preferred song (Applesauce) and let go of my longing for the Beach Boys touch that was so apparent in their previous albums, particularly Merriweather Post Pavilion. In a lot of ways, this album takes me back to their early releases like Here Comes the Indian (2003). They’re back to their four-member structure and their songs are more textured than ever. I think peeling off those layers has been the challenge for me, but again - a well worth endeavor indeed.

(Source: Spotify)

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