BEIRUT, East Harlem (from forthcoming LP, August 30 2011)

Woot woot! My favorite band has released new music at long last. It’s been so long since this has happened (2009) that I haven’t even had the chance to feature them on this blog, as far as I can remember.

East Harlem is not really a new song to those who have been following Beirut/Zach Condon closely. He has been singing it at live shows for quite a few years, and even made it onto a live recording that eMusic released of a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg from 2009.

Like the best of Condon’s compositions, East Harlem is rich and textured with trumpets and piano taking center stage. Condon’s brooding vocals draws a direct line from Harlem to France, with all the drama and energy that goes along with that image.

I cannot wait for the full length - the band hopes to release it in late June or early July. out on August 30th!They’re already touring all over the US and Europe for the foreseeable future, and trust me - you’re going to want to catch them in as many spots as possible. No Beirut show sounds the same. Click here for a full tour schedule.

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