GIL SCOTT-HERON ft. NAS, New York Is Killing Me (unreleased, 2010)

This is my second post of a song from spoken-word master Gil Scott-Heron's recent album I’m New Here. When I sat down to write today’s post, the thermostat indicated 102 degrees, and all I could muster are thoughts of desperation. Hence the song selection (sometimes I need to channel my curatorial profession when I write this blog ;-). This version of the already perfect Scott-Heron track New York Is Killing Me was remixed by Nas, and made into an even more extreme tirade against this city. Hey, I love New York—but at the moment, it really does feel like the apocalyptic nightmare Nas describes. Here’s to cooler days!

Find the lyrics here.

Download this song here (right-click on the link).

Purchase Gil Scott-Heron’s masterpiece here: iTunes . Amazon

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