THE WALKMEN, Stranded (from the forthcoming LP Lisbon, out September 14, 2010)

The sprawling tasting from the forthcoming album by NYC/Philly indie rockers The Walkmen is all too typical, but so darn refreshing at the same time. You can get irritated by lead Hamilton Leithauser’s voice, you can get perturbed by the shallow lyrics, but hey—their infectious energy is undeniable. The overflowing emotions of the vocals and the full horn section is enough to win me over, personally. 

With every album (five to date), The Walkmen progress and mature, and I have a feeling Lisbon will be a step even further forward, if Stranded is any indication. September 14th is when we find out.

Catch these boys live, they’re incredible. They’re touring from now until November, so plenty of opportunities!

You can download this track for free here (if you sign up for the band’s mailing list).

Brush up on their sound with the first five albums.

Purchase here:

Lisbon (2010): iTunes . Amazon

You & Me (2008): iTunes . Amazon

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